Oklahoma Music Directory

The Oklahoma Film + Music Office provides this listing service to our resident community of music talent and music businesses without a fee. This directory is open to all Oklahoma residents and those who are from Oklahoma (expats). You can select from two listing types: MUSIC BUSINESS or MUSIC TALENT. (Don’t worry: if you’re both, you can list in both. You’ll just have to create two separate accounts.)

If you are registering in the Music Talent category, it is a requirement to list a link to your music. You can use a general website or a listing in ReverbNation, SoundCloud, etc. Once you have registered, the account will need to be approved by someone in our office, which can take up to a week.

Listing in the directory offers numerous benefits for both talent and businesses.

+ For Musicians:
+ For Businesses:
+ For Productions:

If you have any questions regarding registration for the Oklahoma Music Directory, please contact Kati Thomason, Music Business Development Coordinator at the Oklahoma Film + Music Office, directly at kati.thomason@okcommerce.gov or (405) 831-4523.

*Note: After the registration process has begun, clicking back on your browser will clear the information and prevent you from completing your listing in the same window. If this occurs, simply log in and choose to update your listing. You will then be able to complete the listing using the same username.

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