Kaitlin Butts
Kaitlin Butts
Kaitlin Butts
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Kaitlin Butts-Guitar


Her powerful and compelling performances have led to great opportunity. She has been the supporting act for Red Dirt artists, Mike McClure and Cody Canada, Grammy-nominated, Americana artist, John Fullbright, and Nashville’s Charlie Worsham. She has performed at Austin’s SXSW at the Buffalo Lounge, Stillwater’s Gypsy Café Music Festival, OKC Fest, Norman Music Festival, Oklahoma City’s Paseo and Plaza District Festivals and many other festivals and venues throughout the Midwest. She’s had the privilege of performing at many benefits around Oklahoma such as Eskimo Joe’s yearly Bob Childer’s Tribute along with many other talented musicians such as The Red Dirt Rangers, Chad Sullins, Ryan Reid, Chuck Dunlap, Bo Phillips, and Stoney Larue. Named in NEWS OK as artist to watch at OKC Fest. She’s also a frequent performer at the Centennial Rodeo Opry, Oklahoma’s “Official Country Music Show”.

Band Bio

Kaitlin Butts is an Okie Country music singer and songwriter based out of Oklahoma City. In August 2014, she announced her new album project, "Same Hell, Different Devil". The album was co-produced with red dirt acclaimed artist, Mike McClure at the Boohatch Studio in Ada, OK. Her music has a pure honest and unique sound, which draws the listener into the stories of love and fun, as well as to the darker corners of our life experience, like heartbreak, revenge, jealousy, and the inevitable whiskey drunk. The album will be released n the first quarter of the New Year.

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