Red Dirt Rangers
John Cooper
Red Dirt Rangers
9505 N Clay Rd
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The Red Dirt Rangers play what is known as Red Dirt music, the term being coined after their name. It's an elusive stew of rock n roll, country, jazz, funk, bluegrass, tex-mex, cajun, and about anything else you'd want to throw into the mix. It's always original and always fresh, and has come to be known as Oklahoma's music.

Band Member Names

Ben Han-lead guitar, vocals
Brad Piccolo-rythm guitar,vocals
Rick Gomez-Drums
Don Morris-bass guitar
Randy Crouch-fiddle, steel guitar, lead guitar
John Cooper-mandolin, vocals


Inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall Of Fame Class of 2017
Honored by the Oklahoma House Of Representatives for 25 years of artistic service to Oklahoma 2013
Spot Music Awards Hall Of Fame (Tulsa World) 2002
Woody Guthrie Folk Festival-played every year for 20 years
Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival-played every year 21 years
Medicine Stone Music Festival in Tahlequah
Founding members of the Red Dirt Relief Fund

Band Bio

The Red Dirt Rangers have spent the last three decades playing all across the state of Oklahoma and traveling coast to coast, border to border, and internationally spreading the gospel Red Dirt music. With seven full length recordings, dozens of compilations, movie scores, and a new "Live at the Blue Door' recording coming out in the summer of 2017, the band continues to define and redefine the genre they helped create, Red Dirt music. Red Dirt music is that elusive stew of Rock n Roll, Country, Folk, Bluegrass, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Tex-Mex, Cajun, all the while remaining true to their Oklahoma roots. Three members, John Cooper, Brad Piccolo, and Ben Han have been with the band since it's inception, and remain the primary songwriters and vocalist for the group. They're sound and live shows have become legendary in Oklahoma, and they are among the states most sought after bands.

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