Don't Tell Dena
Chris Krummrich
Don't Tell Dena
1524 Johnston Dr.
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Don't Tell Dena repaints some of their favorite genres of music such as alt rock, psychedelic rock, blues and funk by using distinctive bass lines, quirky guitar effects and tantalizing synthesizers and harmonies

Band Member Names

Chris Krummrich - vocals, rhythm guitar, keys
Sean Kanaly - drums
Triston Lightner - bass, vocals
Campbell Young - lead/rhythm guitar, vocals


Don't Tell Dena played 20 shows in 2017 including some of Oklahoma City's most notable festivals: Festival of the Arts and The Paseo Arts Festival. Other venues include: UCO Jazz Lab, VZD's and The Root.

2018 has started with a flurry of shows in Norman and Tulsa including: The Yeti in Tulsa, The Red Brick and Bison Witches in Norman.

Band Bio

Don't Tell Dena started as a collaboration between lead vocalist Chris Krummrich and drummer Sean Kanaly in 2015 after getting hired on at the same place after college and later becoming roommates. In 2017, they added lead guitarist Campbell Young after meeting him after the band's debut show 2 years before. Shortly after, Triston Lightner joined the band after seeing a poster from Don't Tell Dena looking for a bassist

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