Green Pastures Studio
Amy Janes
Executive Producer
Green Pastures Studio
4300 N. Post Road
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Green Pastures Studio sits on a 12-acre campus located 18 minutes east of downtown Oklahoma City and 22 minutes from Will Rogers Airport with direct flights to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta.

The Green Pastures campus is a full-service television & motion picture production facility. In addition to offering sound stages and production offices, The Lot Studios provides additional equipment, services and amenities.

Our campus includes a 5,500 sqft soundstage with acoustically constructed walls and ceiling, a 16x16ft elephant door and 27ft ceilings, a 3,000 sqft soundstage with greenscreen, multiple 1,000 sqft insert stages, and we are currently building standing sets including a police station, hospital, school, and an interior house. We have full production suites that can accommodate multiple large film and TV production office needs, all the way down to 2-person offices. For art departments, our facility is home to a 2,000 sqft drive-in construction room, props and art department stores, together with a full grip and electric package and full catering on site.

Outside, our facility boasts fields, forests, and a small lake that can be used by productions. With plenty of locations within 15 minutes from the studio the only limit to the only limit to what you can shoot is your imagination.

Special Skills & Experience

Green Pastures is located nine miles northeast of Oklahoma City on the border of Spencer, Oklahoma. We are 21 minutes from the heart of Oklahoma City and 28 minutes from the airport. With plenty of nearby locations available to producers, a local locations directory is in the works. For the moment, take a look through this page and visit to get a taste of what we call home and the mix of locations available for your next project.

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