Cody Brewer
Cody Brewer
932 S. Sandusky Ave
TULSA, OK 74112
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Grazzhopper is a fusion of the best parts of bluegrass and folk. Varying from an acoustic duo to a full five-piece band, the bluesy, bluegrassy, folky sound only gains momentum as the repertoire expands and the enthusiasm grows. Though, Brewer is adamant that it doesn’t just stop at the music; it’s also about the atmosphere surrounding the show.

Band Member Names

Cody Brewer-Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
Cody Clinton-Guitar, Vocals
Adrienne Gilley- Vocals
Nicholas Foster-Percussion, Drums
Jordan Hehl-Bass


Harvest Festival, Easter Island Music Festival, Norman Music Festival, Homegrown Festival...

Band Bio

Experimental, progressive bluegrass band, GRAZZHOPPER, featuring Tulsa musicians Cody Brewer (banjo, lead vocals), Cody Clinton (guitar, harmony vocals), Jordan Hehl (bass), and ???, builds on the adventurous and innovative spirit of groundbreaking bands like New Grass Revival and Punch Brothers. Blending bluegrass instrumentation with everything from jazz and folk to rock and funk, Grazzhopper’s live shows are engaging, high energy, audience-pleasing performances.

Grazzhopper’s debut EP highlights the band’s unique, genre-crossing sound with five diverse tracks, all anchored by frontman Brewer’s skillful banjo picking and evocative vocals and the band’s gorgeous harmonies. From the wistful, singer-songwriter driven “Someday” and “Deepest Breath” and the upbeat, funky “Party People” to the energetic jam of “Everybody Needs” and the psychedelic improv of “Risin’ Tide”, the release is the perfect introduction to this talented young band.

“Some people are drawn to the lyric, while others respond emotionally to the instrumentation,” says Brewer, Grazzhopper’s founding member. “We want everyone to be moved by something in our music.”

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