Ricki Maslar, CSA, Producer Guild of America
Ricki Maslar, CSA, Producer Guild of America
CSA Casting Director / Producer
Ricki Maslar Casting
1041 Linn Lane
YUKON, OK 73099
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Special Skills & Experience

The only CSA and Producer Guild of America member Casting Director in Oklahoma. Casting Director for over 35 years with over 200 credits. I have an LA office as well as an office in Oklahoma. I local hire in Oklahoma and Los Angeles. Experienced casting for all media including Film, TV and New Media. All budget levels. I cast principle roles as well as local hire roles. My hire qualifies for the incentive as an Oklahoma hire.


  • CASTING - Casting Director - Principals
  • 2020: Cheer for Your Life
  • 2020: Harvest of the Heart
  • 2019: Love on Repeat (Stuck Out of Love)
  • 2019: Take Me To Tarzana
  • 2017: Christmas In the Heartland
  • 2017: Selfie Dad
  • 2017: The Competition
  • 2016: Monday at 11:01
  • 2016: The Bronx Bull
  • 2002: Dahmer

  • Non-Union
  • Local # / Other: Casting Society of America, Producers Guild of America
  • License: N/A

  • Color Code Key
  • Expatriate / Out-of-State
  • Oklahoma rebate film
  • Statewide