The Oklahoma Film & Music Office qualifies below-the-line wages and salaries paid to Oklahomans currently residing out-of-state as an “Expenditure” or “production cost’. These payments count toward the total rebate payment as well as the minimum expenditure.

Those with Oklahoma ties may register as expatriates on the Oklahoma Film & Music Office Production Guide by following the same steps as registrants currently residing in Oklahoma. However, before OF&MO administrators will be able to make your listing live, these individuals must provide proof that they are Oklahomans by supplying this form and a copy of one of the following:

•  Birth Certificate
•  Drivers License
•  College or High School Transcript
•  Parent(s) home address, verifiable by current utility bill

A copy of these items must be provided to the within ten business days of online registration, or the registration will be cancelled.

Oklahoma Film & Music Office
Expatriate Program
120 N. Robinson, Suite 600
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Note: Expatriate listings will not be made available online. Producers hiring crew members will use the expatriate listings to augment crew on an as-need basis.